CeBIT Hannover, Germany, was a truly amazing experience for Voza as this was our brand debut.  The exhibition showcased next generation digital realities and technologies that will revolutionize our lifestyle, which we felt was a perfect bridge between our brand and the world.

In Cebit, Voza showcased all brand new collections.  VOZA ONE V600, Hybrid Dual Drive Electrostatic headphones equipped with our patented portable electrostatic system.  VOZA PURITY V640, with its beautiful lily white construction, was tested and tried by music enthusiasts.  The V600 series contains Voza’s very own Digital Lossless ANC and VAE Audio enhancement.  Our visitors were impressed by how clean and crisp the sound our headphones produced.

Compact in size and exceptional in sound.

The brand launching promotion on Amazon also caught many individuals’ attention.  VOZA xBASS V100 earphones series are not only designed with wide caliber chamber, but also tweaked with emphasized bass profile.  Both as end users and developers, we constantly strive for better designs and constructions that satisfy both roles.

“…need to be on““ now!’
“…amazing instrument separations & details….”
…need to be on““ now!’
…amazing instrument separations & details….”